Publisher's Program

Shineads.Net is organized the best Payout system in market.The best Part in our program is that we pays for all country visitors. We are always looking to Provide chance to our Publishers to earn extra. We have a simple idea of Pay Per Visit (PPV), as many traffic you sends on our ads we will pay you much more and more.

We have 2 types of Payout Charts :


1. Default Payout Chart (Ctr - 20%): By Default Every Publisher will be considered in Default payout chart . Following is the Payout structure of our Default Payout Chart.

  • 2. Special Payout Chart (Ctr - 25%) : If any publisher sends minimum average of 3000 unique visitors Per day and out of them 55% will be from U.S. / U.K. then that publisher will be considered in our Special payout chart. We have our goal to Let our publisher's earn more. Various Features of Special Payout :
    • Double Payout than Default Payout
    • Your Earning will increase by 100% and there is no Affiliate program in market which is giving chance to double your earning in just 1 month. Levels Will be Revised at the end of each month.
    Spacial payout chart 

  • Note : Amount shown in above table may be vary according to visitor's Country. We pays highest amount for U.S. and U.K visitors.  For  More information about payout structure, please visit Publisher Agreement .